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DS8411HV High Voltage High Torque Airplane Servo

Part Number: JRPS8411HV





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JR - JRPS8411HV - DS8411HV High Voltage High Torque Airplane Servo

With 239 oz-in of unbridled brute strength, the DS8411HV is the most powerful JR® standard-size servo. Composite and metal materials assure that the gear train will hold up to tremendous loads, while offering substantially improved wear over conventional brass units. And now, its able to support the latest Li-Po battery technology without the need of a regulator. This version also offers a boost in output that respects your decision to have the ultimate in precision. For giant scale and precision competition airplanes, the DS8411HV servo features not only high output torque but also incredible accuracy and holding torque. To transfer all that available power to the servo arm, the jewel movement of its composite and metal gear train includes a combination of hard-anodized steel and brass gears that are virtually unstrippable. In addition, ball bearing spacing on the output gear is ideally spaced to prevent radial output play and assure accuracy when loads are at their peak. The JR servo digital amplifier, developed in cooperation with the electronics giant Mitsubishi, features a high-frequency 250Hz pulse rate (the number of times per second the amplifier sends power to the motor) versus the 50Hz pulse rate of conventional servos. This provides quicker response and gives up to 5 times greater holding power.


JR - JRPS8411HV - DS8411HV High Voltage High Torque Airplane Servo

  • Standard size case that fits nearly anywhere
  • Zero deadband for extreme accuracy
  • Rock-solid holding power
  • Dual ball-bearing support
  • For airplane use only


JR - JRPS8411HV - DS8411HV High Voltage High Torque Airplane Servo

  • Size Category: Standard
  • Type: Digital
  • Application: High-voltage, high-torque, airplane applications
  • Torque: 194 oz-in (14.0 kg-cm) @ 6.0V; 240 oz-in (17.3 kg-cm) @ 7.4V
  • Speed: 0.19 sec/60° @ 6.0V; 0.15 sec/60° @ 7.4V
  • Length: 1.53 in (39mm)
  • Width: 0.75 in (19mm)
  • Height: 1.36 in (34.5mm)
  • Weight: 2.12 oz (60 g)
  • Bushing Or Bearing: Bearing
  • Bearing: Dual
  • Gear Type: Metal
  • Voltage: 6.0-8.5V Battery Input
  • Deadband: Less than 1 ms


JR - JRPS8411HV - DS8411HV High Voltage High Torque Airplane Servo

Image Part Number Product Retail MAP Details
-- Details
JRPA218 Fitting Asst A208-A212 7.99 -- Details
JRPSC8411 Case 8411/17,8550,8800,4800,8700,8317 7.99 -- Details Add to Cart
JRPSG8411 SG, Alloy: DS8411, 8550, 4800T, 8800T 24.95 -- Details

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