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XBus XPack: Standard Sailplane

Part Number: JRPX33543





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JR - JRPX33543 - XBus XPack: Standard Sailplane

The new XBus XPack Completer packages are designed to take the guesswork out of setting your next model. Available in four separate packages, each package is tailored to outfit the different types of aircraft that most greatly benefit from XBus and include all of the necessary XBus-specific accessories. The new XPacks not only makes it easier to get started with XBus, but it also reduces the cost of purchasing each component individually.


Set Includes:

1 JRP04507 E Switch

1 JRPX03672 XB1-HB6 Hub

1 JRPX03671 XB1-CV4 Converter

1 JRPX03679 XB1-CV2 Converter

1 FREE JRPX03674 Channel Programmer


JR - JRPX33543 - XBus XPack: Standard Sailplane

  • Contains XBus-specific components necessary to get started with XBus quick and easy. Simply add an XBus receiver to enjoy the benefits of XBus in your model.
  • Available in four different packages to accommodate a variety of airplane sizes and types.
  • Servo PWM converters allows for any brand/type of servo to be used, so upgrading an existing airplane to XBus is simple and affordable.
  • Free XBus Channel Programmer Included, a $40 Value.

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