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AXIS 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro System

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JR - JRPX02560 - AXIS 3-Axis Aircraft Gyro System

With 20+ years of World Championship winning experience in gyro design for Heli applications, it was only natural that JR would expand their knowledge and experience to the 3-axis aircraft gyro market. JR is proud to annouce a new product that not only meets, but sets the standard in high performance aircraft gyro performance, the AXIS Advanced 3-aXis Intellegence Stabilization Gyro System.

Weighing in at just 1/3 of an ounce, the AXIS is small enough to install in virtually any aircraft, yet powerful enough to tame the largest or most difficult to fly airplane. Powerful in its capabilities, performance, and flexibility, yet JR Easy to install and setup via your JR DMSS transmitter or included AXIS Assistant PC interface, adding the AXIS to your new or existing model can be accomplished in just minutes.

The AXIS is designed to provide unmatched stability to even the most aerodynamically challenging model, without sacrificing control authority or the feel of natural flight. Thanks to the AXIS's intelligent stick priority design, aggressive flight maneuvers are still possible with no loss of control authority even at the high stability/gain settings. AXIS pilots can enjoy natural control feel and no loss of performance, while still receiving the maximum stabilization benefits that AXIS has to offer.

Offering full serial bus compatability, the AXIS can be used with XBus, or S-Bus serial bus systems for simple 1 wire plug and play installation, or can also be connected directly via standard PWM inputs for smaller, simpler model installations. Regardless of what type of airplane you, the AXIS will help you fly like a Pro.


The AXIS requires the use of JR equipment only

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