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28X DMSS 2.4GHz 28 Channel System w/TX Case & RG612BX, Quad-ready

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JR - JRP010501Q - 28X DMSS 2.4GHz 28 Channel System w/TX Case & RG612BX, Quad-ready

Interface by Android, Innovation by JR

Drawing on decades of experience designing and manufacturing the best radio equipment for the R/C hobby, JR is proud to introduce the world to its magnum opus- the 28X transmitter.

The 28X was born from clean sheet of paper, a fresh perspective of the needs of todays modeler, and borrows from JRs unwavering commitment to the highest quality and precision in every facet of the transmitters design and manufacture. This radio is the ultimate blend of form and function that is sure to exceed the expectations of even the most discerning modeler. Included with the transmitter is a beautifully-designed aluminum commemorative carrying case and our revolutionary RG612BX receiver.

The 28X pushes the limits of not only what can be done with a transmitters design, but what should be done with it. 


JR - JRP010501Q - 28X DMSS 2.4GHz 28 Channel System w/TX Case & RG612BX, Quad-ready

  • 480x273 pixel Android-powered 4.3†WQVGA-TFT full-color touch screen features beautiful 16-bit color output
  • Dual processors for unmatched interfacing and RF reliability
  • Patent-pending CNC machined aluminum gimbals are ball bearing-supported and fully adjustable to suit any flyer
  • Jaw-dropping 65,536 step stick resolution is 16 times more precise than any R/C transmitter ever made to date
  • 4GB internal memory, with 512MB RAM  
  • Removable, customizable shoulder switch plates can be configured to virtually any combination of switches.
  • Fully customizable user interface allows users to set wallpaper, color schemes, and notifications to personalize their radio. 
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminum chassis provides unparalleled strength for a feel unmatched by any radio ever made
  • 28 total channels: Up to 16 non shared, up to 28 fully proportional
  • Integrated USB host controller and USB device port for seamless data interfacing and PC connection
  • External SD card slot for unlimited model, picture, sound, and telemetry data storage
  • Customizable audio and vibration notifications
  • Audio controller for voice, music, and telemetry notifications
  • Push-button power switch virtually eliminates accidental powering on and off.
  • Removable antenna for safe storage when not in use.
  • Quad-ready version comes with adapter cable


JR - JRP010501Q - 28X DMSS 2.4GHz 28 Channel System w/TX Case & RG612BX, Quad-ready

28X Update Software

Version: 0005
Download Type: software
File Size: 101921751 Bytes

Download File


This guide describes the procedures and cautions when updating your 28X software to a new version. Each update may contain up to three components - updates to the Android build version, updates to the control apps, and updates to the CPU firmware.
* Among the precautions, some of the items described will have a possibility of damaging the system. Therefore, be certain to read, understand, and carry out the update using the correct procedures.
* Before carrying out the update, you should make back up copies of all model data.

Precautions when carrying out the update

Not all makes of SD card are compatible. Please use the SD card included with the 28X transmitter.
When carrying out the update, please confirm that the transmitter battery has been fully charged. If the battery voltage is low, a ‘LOW BATTERY ERROR!’ will be displayed on the LCD screen. It will not be possible to carry out the software update until the transmitter battery has been charged.
Never remove the battery while carrying out the software update! If the battery is removed, there will be a possibility of damaging the system or causing unexpected problems.
In the unlikely event that the transmitter does not start up after carrying out the update, or if there are problems such as a strange display, please contact your local dealer, or JR distributor in your country.
It is recommended you place a copy of all your model data onto SD card prior to performing this version update.

NOTE: Minor version updates will not delete model data. However, it is recommended you copy all your model data onto the SD card prior to performing this update. See the manual chapter “model select” to lean about the copy function.

Please refer to Operation manual page 5-1, and 5-2 of Model Select.

* The SD card data will not be changed during the update.
* There is no bulk copy function – please copy each model one by one onto the SD card.

Procedure #1 – Prepare the SD card
Copy the [VERUP_ANDROID] folder onto the SD card

[Step 1]

  1. Download the version VERUP_28X_001- 0005 file
  2. Find Zipped file Verup_28X_001_005 in "Downloads", right click and select Extract All
  3. This will now show a Verup_28X_001_005 application. Double Click the application and select OK.
  4. You will now see an Unzipped folder named VERUP_28X_001- 0005 as well as the Application. Double click VERUP_28X_001- 0005 to view folder named "Verup_Android". Click and Drag OR Copy and Paste the "Verup_Android" folder into the "JR" folder on the SD Card.

[Step 2] Copy the complete [VERUP_ANDROID] folder containing the update in the [JR] folder on the SD card. If you have performed a previous update, please first delete the old [VERUP_ANDROID] folder.

* If model data from the transmitter has been previously copied onto the SD card, the [JR] folder will have been automatically created.
If there is no [JR] folder on your SD card, please create a [JR] folder on the SD card.

Procedure #2 – Transmitter software update procedure

[Step 3] Insert the SD card into the transmitter.

The SD card slot is on the right hand side, recessed in the rubber grip as shown in the drawing.

* When inserting the SD card, please note correct SD card orientation.
* Fully insert the SD card into the card slot.
* Before carrying out the software update, please make backup copies of all model data onto the SD card.

Note: When inserting and removing the SD card, be certain that the transmitter is switched off.

[Step 4] Start the software update.

* After inserting the SD card, switch on the transmitter. When the home screen or the app selection screen is displayed, press the sub menu key to show ‘system settings’

* Now follow the directions on the touch screen.

Touch ‘system settings’

Scroll down and touch ‘About Propo’ and then touch ‘Software Update’

Touch ‘ok’ to start the update

The following pictures show progress during the update procedure.
When the transmitter restarts, the android software update is complete.

Procedure #3 – Transmitter firmware update procedure

[Step 5] If the transmitter firmware package requires updating, the following will appear on the screen following a software update.

Touch ‘Start’, and then the following will be displayed

Touch ‘yes’, and then the firmware update will begin.

The following pictures show the progress during updating. DO NOT TURN OFF the transmitter power switch.

When the update is finished, touch “complete” to end the update procedure.


To check the current software version, touch ‘TX Settings’

The following will be displayed

Note: Major version updates will erase all model data. Therefore be sure to make back up copies of all model data onto the SD card before performing any update.

Firmware 001-0005 Updates and New Features: 

  • Bulk model data backup. All model data can be sent to the SD card in one operation, and also restored to the transmitter in one operation.
  • Indication of flight mode selection is shown on the throttle and pitch curves. 
    (also, when multi engine mixing is used, the engine selected is displayed)
  • Items will now be greyed out when they cannot be selected ? for example, flight mode or analogue position switches if they are not defined.
  • The switch select logic (on or off) will be highlighted in red.
  • When travel adjust is set over 150%, it will be highlighted in red as a warning.
  • An error message will be displayed if an app is added to the home screen which is not able to use on the current model type.
  • On curve screens, any trim input switch is indicated on the screen.
  • Improvement of battery charge remaining confirmation prior to software updates.
  • Addition of French & Spanish languages.
  • Trim system: If an analogue trim was being used and is then disabled (under switch select), the current trim values are automatically saved.
  • Airplane mode, trim system: The default trim system has been changed to common (rather than set by flight mode).
  • To force a fully shutdown, first turn off the transmitter (it will actually be in standby for the next 3 hours). Then briefly press the power button to turn the transmitter on. As soon as the LED turns orange, immediately press the power button again. This will force a full shut down of the transmitter. So the next time it is turned on, it will be a full cold boot.

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