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JetCat Turbine DMSS Telemetry Module

JetCat Turbine DMSS Telemetry Module

Part Number: JRPELE006





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JR - JRPELE006 - JetCat Turbine DMSS Telemetry Module

This telemetry unit will take data from your JetCat ECU and relay it to your JR DMSS radio. Please note that the data which is relayed back to your radio may not be 100% accurate and should be used as a guide.

Please plug the supplied JetCat style lead into the telemetry device and either the data port on your JetCat ECU or the plug on the I/O board. Then plug the supplied male-male patch lead into the other end of the telemetry device noting the polarity with the other end of this lead into either the data port on your JR DMSS receiver or into you TLS1-ADP (sold separately).

You will need to configure the telemetry screen on your JR DMSS radio. Please refer to the radios manual on how to do this.

Several different turbine parameters can be monitored including;

ParameterRadio Telemetry Setting
Turbine RPM RPM
Turbine Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) Temp
Turbine Status FPACK Watts*
Last Shutdown Code FPACK Watts*
EUC Battery Voltage FPACK Voltage
Current Fuel Flow FPACK Current
MI Consumed/Remaining FPACK.mah**

* Please see the table below for status and shutdown codes

** The fuel tank size will need to be configured on both the transmitter and the ECU. For the transmitter set the battery capacity to your fuel tank size (measure in ml), for the ECU follow the calibration instructions in the JetCat manual.

Turbine Status

The telemetry unit provides running and shutdown status codes using the FPACK Watts measure. The table below shows the code mappings:

1 Running Wait for RPM (Standby/Start)
2 Running Ignite
3 Running Accelerate
4 Running Stabilise
5 Running Learn HI
6 Running Learn LO
8 Running Slow Down
10 Running Auto Off
11 Running Run (Reg.)
12 Running Acceleration delay
13 Running SpeedReg (Speed Ctrl)
14 Running Two-Shaft-Regulate (Only for Turbines with Secondary Shaft)
15 Running PreHeat1 (Only for direct Kerosene startup mode)
16 Running PreHeat2 (Only for direct Kerosene startup mode)
17 Running MainFStrt (Only for direct Kerosene startup mode)
19 Running Keros.FullOn(Only for direct Kerosene startup mode)
100 Last Shutdown No Off-Condition defined
101 Last Shutdown Shutdown via RC
102 Last Shutdown Over temperature
103 Last Shutdown Ignition timeout
104 Last Shutdown Acceleration timeout
105 Last Shutdown Acceleration too slow
106 Last Shutdown Over RPM
107 Last Shutdown Low RPM Off
108 Last Shutdown Low Battery
109 Last Shutdown Auto Off
110 Last Shutdown Low Temperature Off
111 Last Shutdown Hi Temperature Off
112 Last Shutdown Glow Plug defective
113 Last Shutdown Watch Dog Timer
114 Last Shutdown Fail Safe Off
115 Last Shutdown Manual Off (via GSU)
116 Last Shutdown Power Fail (Battery Fail)
117 Last Shutdown Temp Sensor Fail (Only during startup)
118 Last Shutdown Fuel Fail
119 Last Shutdown Prop Fail (Only two shaft Engines)
120 Last Shutdown 2nd Engine Fail
121 Last Shutdown 2nd Engine differential too high
122 Last Shutdown 2nd Engine no communication

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