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MatchBox Servo Matching/Power System: 4.8-6.0V

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JR - JRPA900 - MatchBox Servo Matching/Power System: 4.8-6.0V

JR's Matchbox" servo matcher is a revolutionary new way for giant-scale modelers and users of multiple servos on a specific channel to match those servos to a greater degree than ever before.

The matching dilemma:

Digital servos have brought a whole new level of precision and power to the world of RC flight. Even with all this precision, they are still subject to the inefficiencies that differences in linkage geometry can create when more than one servo is used on a single control surface. Often, geometric differences are more pronounced with digital servos because of their superior resolution and the fact that they produce 100% torque with just 1° of offset. Add to this the minute variations in power output and centering that identical servos of every brand have, and it's easy to see why matching servos to a task is a little tricky.

JR's simple solution:

JR's new MatchBox is an ideal solution to the "matching dilemma," allowing modelers to match servos with precision and flexibility never before possible. Housed in a case about the size of an R610M micro receiver, the MatchBox plugs into any channel of a receiver that is driving more than one servo. Up to four servos can then be plugged into it and independently adjusted, using a simple selector dial and Increase/Decrease buttons on the MatchBox unit itself. Available adjustments include neutral point (sub-trim), end point, and reversing. It also offers the option of powering the servos connected to it via a separate battery pack. In the case of multiple servos on a single control surface, the MatchBox can be used to match each servo's output for better efficiency, as well as to power them separately. This allows the modeler to retain a simple single receiver setup instead of having to resort to using two receivers to keep from running too much current through one.

The MatchBox is also ideal for multiple servos on a single channel that are tasked to different applications. A great example would be a scale airplane that has a steering servo and rudder servo that are both driven from the same channel. Not only could the modeler customize the endpoints for each, but the servo direction as well.

How it works:

For as many adjustments as the MatchBox is able to perform, it is surprisingly easy to use. Numbers "0" through "9" are displayed on the selector dial. To select a servo and adjustment function, just turn the selector dial to the corresponding position then use the Increase/Decrease buttons to make the desired adjustment.

Position 0:

This is the default position the MatchBox needs to be turned to during normal operation. Any adjustments that are made are stored in memory when the MatchBox is returned to "0".

Position 1-4:

Selecting any of these positions allows the modeler to make servo neutral and end-point adjustments to the corresponding servo using a combination of stick position and the "INCR +" and the "DECR -" buttons.

Position 5-8:

Selecting any of these positions accesses servo reversing for the corresponding servo. Like positions 1-4, these adjustments are made using a combination of stick position (neutral) and the "INCR+" and "DECR-" buttons.

Position 9:

Modelers can reset the MatchBox to default settings by turning the selector to this position and simultaneously pressing the "INCR+" and "DECR-" buttons while turning on the power to the MatchBox. Weighing just over 1/3 ounce, a Matchbox could be put on every control surface of an aircraft without adding much weight at all. Even if each one is equipped with its own power supply, what little extra weight was added to the model would be negligible, as compared to the benefits of the added power and efficiency. The MatchBox includes detailed instructions for performing several different types of setup tasks. Once the adjustments have been made, the MatchBox can be mounted to any flat surface with double-sided servo tape or Velcro®. To find out more about this amazing new technology, stop by your local JR dealer. Experience the versatility and freedom of the MatchBox and you'll wonder how you ever got along without one.

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