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JR’s New DMSS Spread Spectrum


As you probably know, the name “JR” (JR Propo outside the USA) is synonomis world wide for more than 25 years as the highest quality, most dependable RC Systems available.

“Feel the Difference” is not just a slogan at JR, but a comitment to provide the modeler with the worlds best RC systems and electronics.

JR’s patented new “DMSS” 2.4Ghz Broad Band Spread Spectrum systems are built on this legacy to be the best performing Spread Spectrum Systems that a modeler can own.


Why JR DMSS Spread Spectrum is not just Different, but Better

To understand why JR DMSS Spread Spectrum is better, let’s first explain in basic terms how JR DMSS differs from current non DMSS Spread Spectrum systems:


What is “Narrow Band” Spread Spectrum?

Most traditional 2.4GHz FH-SS (Frequency Hopping-Spread Spectrum) systems “frequency hop” over what is refererred to as a “narrow band” protocol, or signal.

Due to RF (radio frequency) interference or competing signals, there is often loss of data with these narrow band systems, simply due to their narrow “window” of receiving data sent from the transmitter.


JR’s New “Broad Band” DMSS Explained
JR’s all new DMSS 2.4GHz system features a JR Exclusive “broad band”  frequency hopping Spread Spectrum technology, called DMSS (Dual Modulation Spread Spectrum).

Unlike the traditional narrow band systems where there is a greater risk of competing RF interference or signals affecting data reception, JR’s DMSS Broad Band system still receive the signal transmitted from the DMSS transmitter intact to the receiver thanks to the wider, DMSS “window”. This wider “window” of data reception works to provide a more constant, precise, and most importantly, reliable control.


JR’s exclusive DMSS protocol combines the best features found in other current Spread Spectrum systems, with the additional benefit of DMSS wide band transmission and FHSS channel hops that literally jump past harmful interference. JR DMSS also hops over a larger number of channels than many current Spread Spectrum systems, resulting in further gains in reliability and enhanced signal reception.


JR DMSS is also much less likely to suffer critical data loss due to the broader band “window” nature of the DMSS signal protocol.



DMSS Receiver Exclusive “Dual Path” Antenna Systems

 In general, 2.4GHz RF signal transmissions tends to be very directional, or narrow. To broaden this characteristic, JR DMSS full range receivers are equipped with “Dual Path” diversity antenna systems. Our addition of coaxial antennas enables JR DMSS receivers to operate in virtually any environment without critical signal loss. In addition, JR’s DMSS small remote receivers have a performance level equivalent to a full size receiver.

Other features Exclusive to JR DMSS


Easy BindPark Flyer Receivers

JR’s DMSS Micro Park Flyer receivers feature an “Easy Bind” technology that allows the binding of these receivers WITHOUT the use of a binding plug that is at times difficult or impossible to access once installed in these micro models.


Maximized Multi Channel Update Matching

JR’s new DMSS systems offer a unique channel matching update system that is ideal for Airplane modelers using multi channel wing setups, or for Helicopter pilots utilizing CCPM Swashplate mixing.

When a multi servo wing type or CCPM Swashplate mixing is selected, JR’s DMSS system automatically (yes, automatically) reassigns the channel update priority for each channel in use for these functions so that each channel receives its information simultaneously for exact control.


No more servo update/timing issues and adjustments, just virtually identical channel matching, and most importantly, a better, truer flying model.


JR offers a full lineup of DMSS Systems, Receivers, Modules, and accessories to fill any modeler’s needs.


DMSS Telemetry

As standard, all JR DMSS Systems feature “Real Time” telemetry that is displayed via the large LCD screens. Telemetry data like receiver pack voltage and engine RPM can be viewed at a simple glance.


Below is a complete listing of all current JR DMSS Systems, Receivers, and Accessories.



When only the best counts, you can count on JR!