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Forza 450EX Kit with Motor SALE!

Part Number: JRP988345







JR - JRP988345 - Forza 450EX Kit with Motor SALE!

FORZA 450EX - 6 cell electric 3D helicopter

The FORZA450 EX is based on the very successful FORZA450. It is designed for the pilots who want more power! It comes with a rear body faring, which you can choose to fly with or not. Many parts are compatible with the FORZA450, so it is economical to maintain.


Rigid and lightweight carbon frames give a very clean look to the helicopter (identical to the FORZA450) .

The carbon main rotor blades are 32mm longer than the FORZA450.The bearing blocks (with integrated servo mounts) and rotor head are taken from the FORZA450.

The new low-profile landing skids (with engraved logo on the landing struts) are 14mm lower than those on the FORZA450.

The tail control lever is also taken from the FORZA450 ƒâ€š‚· this is a very simple design with no free play.

The canopy is sized to have mounting space for most batteries.

Because the body catch positions are the same as the FORZA450, it can be mounted on either the FORZA450 or FORZA450 EX.

A painted rear fairing is included as standard. It is constructed from FRP, and helps support the tail.

Because the standard tail boom brace is included, you can also fly the FORZA450 EX in a pod and boom configuration.


Overall length 670mm

Overall height 208mm

Overall width 112mm

Flying weight approx 910g

Main rotor diameter 795mm

IncludedÂMain blade length 357mm

Tail rotor diameter 165.5mm

Gear ratio 9.07 : 1 : 4.29

Main shaft diameter 6mm

Tail output shaft diameter 4mm


3 axis gyro sytem (TAGS MINI recommended)

Swash servo FBL-DS21 (Submicro)

Rudder servo DS3500G (Submicro/mini)

Transmitter and receiver (120 CCPM capable)

Only a JR DMSS transmitter is required if using the JR TAGS mini with remote antenna.

Lithium-Polymer (Li-Po) Battery

6 Cell 22.2V

Capacity 1200mAh or more

Size: 36 x 115 x 32 mm (maximum)

Battery connector, Battery charger


Tools required for assembly

Hexagon driver 1.5mm (No.61401)

Hexagon driver 2mm (No.61402)

Wrench 5mm

Sandpaper of #300 to #400

Rule: 15cm or longer

Scotch tape

CA Glue

Gimlet or Drill (2mm)

Digital pitch gauge (No.61796)

Other general tools required for making a model

Useful tools

JR Universal Link Driver (No.61360)

JR Universal Link Trimmer (No.60219)

JR Universal Link Plier C (No.60242)

Blade Balancer


Assembly kit

Carbon main rotor blades 357

Main rotor blade holder

Motor NHM-30-8P-EX (KV1750)



JR - JRP988345 - Forza 450EX Kit with Motor SALE!

Image Part Number Product Retail MAP Details
JRP961390 T85 Main Drive Gear: V5E 24.99 13.99 Details
JRP961822 Head Button, FZ 4.79 3.49 Details Add to Cart
JRP961823 Center Hub, FZ 32.99 24.99 Details
JRP961824 Main Blade Holder Assembly, FZ 23.99 13.99 Details
JRP961825 Spindle Shaft, FZ 4.99 3.99 Details
JRP961826 Pitch Link Set, FZ 11.39 7.99 Details
JRP961827 Main Shaft, FZ 9.99 7.49 Details
JRP961828 Swash Plate Assembly, FZ 59.99 37.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961829 Servo Mount U, FZ 5.99 4.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961830 Servo Mount L, FZ 5.99 3.99 Details
JRP961831 Blade Holder, FZ 4.79 1.75 Details Add to Cart
JRP961832 Metal Servo Horn L14, FZ 8.39 3.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961833 Swash Gauge, FZ 5.99 3.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961834 Carbon Main Frame, FZ 19.99 16.99 Details
JRP961835 Battery Mount, FZ 5.99 3.99 Details
JRP961836 Radius Support, FZ 5.99 3.99 Details
JRP961837 Gyro Mount, FZ 3.99 1.25 Details
JRP961838 Pinion Gear T15 Assembly, FZ 23.99 15.99 Details
JRP961839 Motor Mount, FZ 8.39 3.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP961840 Main Gear T136, FZ 8.99 5.99 Details
JRP961841 Tail Drive Belt Mxl498, FZ 11.99 7.99 Details
JRP961842 Front Pulley T60, FZ 5.99 3.99 Details
JRP961843 Tail Boom Holder, FZ 4.99 2.00 Details
JRP961844 Guide Pulley, FZ 6.99 2.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961845 Metal Servo Horn L10, FZ 13.99 9.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961846 Rudder Servo Mount, FZ 2.99 1.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961847 Tail Rotor Blade, FZ 6.99 4.99 Details
JRP961848 Tail Center Hub, FZ 7.99 4.99 Details
JRP961849 Tail Blade Holder Assembly, FZ 10.99 4.50 Details Add to Cart
JRP961850 Tail Slide Ring Assembly, FZ 29.99 18.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961851 Tail Link, FZ 4.99 3.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961852 HG Tail Blade Holder Set w/hub & Blades (2), FZ 34.99 14.99 Details
JRP961853 Tail Pitch Control Lever, FZ 13.99 9.99 Details
JRP961854 Tail Pulley Base, FZ 55.99 34.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP961855 Tail Pulley Plate, FZ 8.39 3.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP961856 Tail Cross Member, FZ 2.39 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP961857 Tail Output Shaft Assembly, FZ 11.99 7.49 Details
JRP961858 Carbon Horizontal Fin, FZ 5.99 3.99 Details
JRP961859 Tail Boom Brace Clamp, FZ 2.39 1.99 Details
JRP961860 Tail Rod Guide, FZ 2.39 1.99 Details
JRP961861 Bottom Plate Adapter, FZ 5.99 4.49 Details
JRP961862 Carbon Bottom Plate, FZ 13.99 10.99 Details
JRP961863 Landing Gear, FZ 6.99 5.49 Details
JRP961864 Pitch Link, FZ 5.99 3.49 Details
JRP961865 Motor Nhm-30-6P, FZ 71.99 -- Details Discontinued
JRP961866 Thread Lock (Weak), FZ 2.99 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP961867 Carbon Vertical Fin, FZ 8.99 5.99 Details
JRP961926 Blade holder 450EX 5.99 2.00 Details
JRP961927 Motor NHM-30-6P-EX 450EX - Reorder JRP962052 84.99 74.99 Details Discontinued
JRP961928 Tail Rotor Blade 65mm 450EX 7.99 4.99 Details
JRP961929 Low profile landing gear set 450EX 14.99 10.99 Details
JRP961931 Landing skid pipe 450EX 15.99 5.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP970726 Rigid Collar Set, FZ 4.99 3.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP970728 Washer 4 X 6 X 0.5, FZ 2.39 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP970730 Joint Ball Shaft, FZ 2.39 1.00 Details
JRP970731 Servo Horn Inner J, FZ 5.99 3.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP970732 Cross Member L30, FZ 7.99 2.50 Details Add to Cart
JRP970733 Main Shaft Collar, FZ 2.39 1.99 Details
JRP970734 Body Catch L7.25, FZ 4.79 1.75 Details Add to Cart
JRP970735 Pinion Stopper, FZ 2.39 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP970736 Main Gear Sleeve, FZ 4.99 3.99 Details
JRP970739 Double Sided Tape 25 X 25, FZ 3.59 1.25 Details Add to Cart
JRP970742 Tail Slide Ring Pin, FZ 6.99 4.99 Details
JRP970743 Joint Ball Screw L6, FZ 3.59 1.25 Details Add to Cart
JRP970756 Spacer 2 x 4 x 3 450EX 2.99 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP980249 Button Head Bolt M2 X 5, FZ 3.99 2.99 Details
JRP980250 Special Socket Head Bolt M2.6 X 15, FZ 2.39 1.99 Details
JRP980251 Special Button Head Bolt M3 X 15, FZ 2.39 0.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP980252 Threaded Rod M2 X 20, FZ 2.99 1.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP980253 Hex Tapping Screw M2 X 6, FZ 2.39 1.99 Details
JRP980254 Hex Tapping Screw M2 X 10, FZ 2.39 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP980255 Hex Tapping Screw M2.6 X 10, FZ 2.39 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP980256 Button Head Bolt M2 X 8, FZ 2.39 1.00 Details Add to Cart
JRP981085 Shielded Bearing 2 X 5 X 2.3-T, FZ 4.79 1.75 Details Add to Cart
JRP981086 Shielded Bearing 3 X 6 X 2.5-T, FZ 4.79 3.49 Details
JRP981087 Shielded Bearing 4 X 8 X 3-T, FZ 4.79 3.49 Details
JRP981088 Shielded Bearing 5 X 8 X 2.5-T, FZ 4.79 1.75 Details Add to Cart
JRP981089 Shielded Bearing 6 X 12 X 4-T, FZ 4.79 3.49 Details
JRP981090 Thrust Bearing 4 X 8 X 3.5-T, FZ 9.69 6.99 Details
JRP981091 One-Way Bearing 4 X 8 X 6-T, FZ 4.79 4.99 Details
JRP982381 Frp Forza 450 Body, FZ 52.79 19.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP982403 FRP Front Canopy 450EX 89.99 38.99 Details Discontinued
JRP982404 FRP Rear Body 450EX 79.99 29.99 Details Add to Cart
JRP983162 Carbon Main Rotor Blade 325, FZ 49.99 34.99 Details
JRP983163 Tail Control Rod L408, FZ 3.99 2.49 Details
JRP983164 Tail Boom L391, Forza 450,FZ 9.99 7.49 Details
JRP983165 Tail Boom Brace, FZ 9.99 5.99 Details
JRP983169 Carbon Main Rotor Blade 357mm 450EX 49.99 27.99 Details
JRP987027 Electronic Speed Control, Nha-50-Sb5, FZ 83.79 24.50 Details Add to Cart
JRP988345 Forza 450EX Kit with Motor SALE! 549.99 199.99 Details Discontinued
JRP988346 Forza 450EX W/Mini TAGS, SX, ESC, Motor SALE! 799.99 399.99 Details Discontinued
JRP996541 Assembly Manual Forza450, FZ 11.99 7.99 Details

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