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Highest PraiseHighest Praise...

"One thing is clear: This radio has changed the game"

Model Aviation, Aug. 2015
Mike Hurley

"This Flagship Radio System sets a new standard for Pro-Level Control"

Model Airplane News, September 2015
Gerry Yarrish

"The Last Radio You'll Ever Need!"

Fly RC, July 2015
Kevin Siemonsen


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Here's just a few of the amazing features of the new 28x

  • Android ™ powered 4.3” WQVGA-TFT Full Color Touch Screen
  • Dual Processors for unmatched interfacing and RF reliability
  • CNC Machined All Aluminum Gimbals for the Ultimate “feel the difference” experience (Pat Pend)
  • Ultra High 65,536 Stick Resolution (16x higher than any previous system)
  • Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum chassis for support and rigidity
  • 28 available Channels/ 15 Flight Modes
  • USB Host Controller for seamless date interfacing
  • USB Device Port for easy PC connection
  • SD Card for unlimited model, picture, sound, and telemetry log storage
  • Customizable Vibration and Tone Notifications
  • Audio Controller for voice, music, and telemetry notifications


CNC Machined All Aluminum Gimbals Supported by the Aluminum Die-Cast Inner Frame

The finest components of this luxurious combination are dedicated for the unmatched precise flight feeling. You'll be able to feel the JR spirit once you feel what JR propose to achieve the real flight controller. Various options ensure to fit your desired control feeling.

The Future Technology from RC Pioneer / Unlimited Possibility

By employing Android for a more intuitive operation, it provides unlimited expandability. The traditional "JR Easy" is carried over without sacrificing its tremendous potential.

Full Color Touch Screen

480 x 272 4.3” WQVGA-TFT display equipped. Its main screen can be modified by placing widgets of your choice.

Dual MPU

The integrated Dual MPU system ensures the safe flight while providing comfortable setting procedure of the Android system. The main MPU keeps the system even at the event of hanging up of the Android interface.

Switch Module

Both shoulder parts are easily detachable. Each switch is exchangeable from the various selection of 2p / 3p switches, trim buttons and volumes. The selectable switch function allows building up the "Only One" radio.

SD Included

Bundled 4GB SD allows storing not only the models data, but also your favorite music and pictures for the main screen. Music player app and slide show app compatible.


An OS with infinite potential.

The 28X employs the "Android OS" allowing flexible programming. As well as conventional functions such as 'dual rate' and 'travel adjust', the 28X is loaded with advanced functionality.


Telemetry widgets can be placed where you wish.

Choose a 'widget' from the application menu. It can then be placed on the home screen. Telemetry widgests have the 'TL' logo. A long press on the application will allow you to place it on any of the five home screens. Release your finger where you would like to place the widget. The setting is complete. * A size indication such as "2x2" displayed with the widget indicates how much screen space the widget requires.

Values are displayed both as an analog display and digitally.

An analog display is used so values can be recognized during flight. The analog design is similar to gauges used in full size aircraft, so pilots enjoy a realistic sensation. Pilots can use the digital display to see a more accurate figure.

0.00 m/s
Please note that above image is for reference and different from the actual image.

Flexible positioning of 'telemetry' widgets.

Telemetry widgets can be positioned anywhere on the home pages. Widgets have different sizes. Telemetry widgets require a 2 x 2 square. Each home page is 8 x 8 square. Four widges can be placed on each page. Easy addition and deletion of widgets enables pilots to change them depending on the upcoming flight regimen.


28X DMSS 2.4GHz 28 Channel System w/TX Case & RG612BX, Quad-ready

Part Number: JRP010501Q

Retail: $3179.99

MAP: $2694.99