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Important JR Americas Service Center Update

JR Americas Service Center Relocation to Boscawen, New Hampshire

The JR Americas Service Repair Center will be relocating to Boscawen, New Hampshire.

JR Americas will continue to receive all JR repairs at our Champaign, IL facility until August 3rd. The JR Americas Service Center will be closed for relocation from August 15th until the re-opening in New Hampshire on September 4th. Repairs sent to us during the relocation time will experience longer than normal turnaround times. After August 3rd, JR repairs will need to be sent to either our New Hampshire or Champaign, IL facilities based on the type of repair required.

For All Standard JR Repairs, Non-DSM RF Related

JR Americas Service Center, Boscawen, New Hampshire All standard JR service repairs (switches, cases, CPU issues, DMSS products/issues) ALL DSM related repairs and upgrades ONLY should still be sent to our Champaign Illinois main office.

For all DSMX Upgrades, or DSM/DSM2/DSMX RF Related Repairs

JR Americas, Champaign, Illinois

All DSM related RF repairs and DSMX upgrades ONLY should be sent to our Champaign, Illinois facility. If your transmitter has binding, range, or other RF related issue, it should be sent to this facility. However, if your transmitter is DSM equipped (9503, 12X, etc.) but requires other repairs (switch replacement, case issues, CPU issues) this type of repair should be sent to our New Hampshire location.

Not sure where you should send your JR Repair?

If you are unsure as to which Service Facility you should send your JR repair, please e mail us at service@jramericas.com with information on the specific repair needed, and we can advise you as to the proper center before making your shipment to us. Prior to sending in your return, please print and complete the JR Americas Service Repair Request form: http://www.jramericas.com/pdf/jr_americas_repair_service_form.pdf

JR Americas Service Center (Standard JR Repairs)

179 North Main Street Boscawen
New Hampshire 03303

JR Americas (DSM Specific Repairs)

PO Box 8757
Champaign, IL 61826
e-mail: support@jramericas.com


Notice of Discontinuation of JR Production


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