JR Americas

JR Servicing and Repairs

Due to the Bankruptcy and closure of JR Propo Japan, warranty coverage on JR manufactured products is no longer offered. JR Americas does offer repair services at the rate of $60.00 per hour for all Genuine JR manufactured products purchased through JR Americas, or a JR Americas authorized dealer.

JR Americas does not offer repairs on items that were purchased from a non-authorized JR Americas Retailer.

It is important to confirm that your product was purchased through an authorized JR dealer to insure repair coverage on your equipment. Dealers including but not limited to Hobby King and RC Japan for examples are not JR Americas authorized dealer, therefore service on JR products purchased from these vendors is not offered. Items sent to JR Americas service and determined to be purchased from non-authorized JR Americas dealers will be returned in non-repaired condition at the owners expense.

JR Service Center Shipping Options

Effective September 1, 2018, the JR Americas Service Center will be relocating to New Hampshire. JR Americas will ONLY accept repairs for DSM RF related repairs and upgrades at our Champaign facility. Please see information below for the correct address to ship your JR repair based on the type of repair required.

Repairs sent to the incorrect Service Center will be charged an additional $10.00 handling/transfer fee.

For All Standard JR Repairs, Non-DSM RF Related

JR Americas Service Center, Boscawen, New Hampshire

All standard JR service repairs (switches, cases, CPU issues, DMSS products/issues)

ALL DSM related repairs and upgrades ONLY should still be sent to our Champaign Illinois main office.

For all DSMX Upgrades, or DSM/DSM2/DSMX RF Related Repairs

JR Americas, Champaign, Illinois

All DSM related RF repairs and DSMX upgrades ONLY should be sent to our Champaign, Illinois facility. If your transmitter has binding, range, or other RF related issue, it should be sent to this facility. However, if your transmitter is DSM equipped (9503, 12X, etc.) but requires other repairs (switch replacement, case issues, CPU issues) this type of repair should be sent to our New Hampshire location.

Not sure where you should send your JR Repair?

If you are unsure as to which Service Facility you should send your JR repair, please e mail us at service@jramericas.com with information on the specific repair needed, and we can advise you as to the proper center before making your shipment to us.

Prior to sending in your return, please print and complete the JR Americas Service form:

JR Americas Service Center (Standard JR Repairs)
PO Box 469
Mansfield, Illinois 61854
e-mail: service@jramericas.com

JR Americas (DMS Specific Repairs)
109 E Front Street
Mansfield, IL 61854
e-mail: support@jramericas.com


When sending your JR equipment in for servicing, we recommend that you insure the merchandise and ship via USPS with on-line shipment tracking. Merchandise lost in transit is the responsibility of the shipper. Upon completion, your repair will be returned to you via common carrier. Return shipping is billed to the customer at the time of the repair. Expedited shipping is available for additional fees.

For all other questions regarding servicing of JR manufactured products, please contact JR Americas at:

Product Manual Categories

Filename Category File
Ergo_CCPM_3D.pdf helicopter
JR_VIBE_50_Manual.pdf helicopter
JR_Vibe_90_Manual_part_1.pdf helicopter
JR_Vibe_90_Manual_Part_2.pdf helicopter
JR_Vibe_90_Manual_part_3.pdf helicopter
jrp9000-manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9005-2-manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9005-manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9012-manual.pdf helicopter
jrp9013-manual.pdf helicopter
jrp9015-manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9016-Manual.pdf helicopter
jrp9021-manual.pdf helicopter
jrp9030-manual.pdf helicopter
jrp9041-manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9043_Parkmite_manual_supplement.pdf helicopter
jrp9051-manual.pdf helicopter
XP9303_Airplane_Manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9252-manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9540-Manual.pdf helicopter
JRP9580-Radio_setup.pdf helicopter
JRP984044-Manual.pdf helicopter
JRP988250-CCPM_Settings.pdf helicopter
JRP988250-Manual.pdf helicopter
JRP988255-enginecrossrefference.pdf helicopter
JRP988255-Manual.pdf helicopter
JRP988314-Manual.pdf helicopter
JRP988324-Manual.pdf helicopter
JRP996422-Manual.pdf helicopter
jrp998002-manual.pdf helicopter
JRPGSA01-Manual.pdf helicopter
JRPGTA01-user_manual.pdf helicopter
JRPGTA01-Warranty_insert.pdf helicopter
Venture_Venture_30CP.pdf helicopter
Vibe_90SG_Manual.pdf helicopter
Forza700_parts_list.pdf helicopter
Forza700_tagsmini.pdf helicopter
manual_450ex_W.pdf helicopter
manual_450_450EX_ESC.pdf helicopter
manual_forza450.pdf helicopter
Ninja 400MR - Manual helicopter
Ninja 400MR - Radio Setup helicopter