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JR Service and Repairs

JR Radios and Radio accessories are warranted against manufacturer defects for 3 years from original date of purchase. Warranties are for the original owner, and are not transferrable.

JR Americas does not offer repairs on items that were purchased from a non-authorized JR Americas Retailer. This includes both warranty and non-warranty repairs. JR Americas distribution territory includes North America, South America and the Caribbean.

It is important to confirm that you are buying from an authorized JR dealer to insure warranty and repair coverage on your equipment. Dealers including but not limited to Hobby King and RC Japan for examples are not JR Americas authorized dealer, therefore service on JR products purchased from these vendors is not offered. Items sent to JR Americas service and determined to be purchased from non-authorized JR Americas dealers will be returned in non-repaired condition.

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JR Service Center Options

JR products purchased through a JR Americas or Horizon Hobby authorized retailer can be sent to the following JR Authorized Service Center for repair:

JR Americas Service Center

JR Americas Service Center is an official JR-authorized service center located in North America. JR Americas Service is equipped to perform both warranty and non-warranty JR product repairs. As a service to you, we will also recycle your corroded and otherwise compromised batteries unless otherwise notified.

Prior to sending in your return, please print and complete the JR Americas Service form:

JR Americas Service Center
2710 N Mattis Ave, Unit E
Champaign, IL 61822
e-mail: service@jramericas.com
Phone: 217-352-7959


When sending your JR equipment in for servicing, we recommend that you insure the merchandise and ship via a common carrier (such as UPS or Federal Express) that includes an automated tracking system. Merchandise lost in transit is the responsibility of the shipper. Upon completion, your repair will be returned to you via common carrier. Warranty repair return shipping is covered by the warranty within the Continental United States. All other shipping is charged at the time of the repair. Expedited shipping is available for additional fees.

For all other questions regarding servicing of JR brand products, please contact JR Americas at:

Product Manual Categories

Filename Category File
12X-Case-mod_byDannyS.pdf radio
7-8_Channel_Setup_1.pdf radio
7-8_Channel_Setup_2.pdf radio
9303_Detailed_Function_Descriptions.pdf radio
JR_12X_Manual_Addendum.pdf radio
JR_12X_Manual_Low_Resolution.pdf radio
JRP_12X_Applications_Guide_Low_Resolution.pdf radio
JRP_12X_Quick_Start_GuideHR.pdf radio
JRP_Brochure_03.pdf radio
XG8_JRP00596_Manual.pdf radio
XG11_JRP00615_Manual.pdf radio
XG6_JRP00619_Manual.pdf radio
XG14_JRP00631_Manual.pdf radio
JRP1100.pdf radio
JR_DSM_11X_JRP1100_Manual.pdf radio
10x_JRP1656_Manual.pdf radio
jrp212127-manual.pdf radio
jrp234227-manual.pdf radio
jrp234275-manual.pdf radio
jrp2675-manual.pdf radio
jrp27751-manual.pdf radio
JRP2930-manual.pdf radio
jrp3140-manual.pdf radio
jrp314127-manual.pdf radio
jrp317227-manual.pdf radio
jrp317275-manual.pdf radio
jrp3340-manual.pdf radio
jrp3340-manual-addendum.pdf radio
jrp3342-manual.pdf radio
jrp3360-manual.pdf radio
jrp3360-manual-addendum.pdf radio
jrp337275-manual.pdf radio
jrp4474-manual.pdf radio
jrp4477-manual.pdf radio
jrp5212-manual.pdf radio
jrp5217-manual.pdf radio
jrp6219-manual.pdf radio
jrp6512-manual.pdf radio
jrp6612-manual.pdf radio
jrp6622-manual.pdf radio
jrp6647-manual.pdf radio
jrp6664-manual.pdf radio
JRP6812-manual.pdf radio
jrp7412-manual.pdf radio
jrp8612-manual.pdf radio
jrpXR3i-manual.pdf radio
X9303_2.4G_US-LoRes_Manual.pdf radio
XP9303_Sailplane_Manu_1.pdf radio
XP9303_Sailplane_Manu_2.pdf radio
XP9303_Sailplane_Manual.pdf radio
XP9303_Synth_AddendumHR.pdf radio
Z1_manual.pdf radio
DSX11-E.pdf radio
VERUP_MAN_11X_0002-0000_E.pdf radio
tags_mini0035.zip radio
XG14English.pdf radio
XB1-CHB_NEM-C86_en.pdf radio
XB1-CPG_NEM-C85A_en.pdf radio
XB1-CV1_CV4_NEM-C84_en.pdf radio
XB1-HB6_HB5_NEM-C83_.pdf radio
XB1-PC4_NEM-C87_en.pdf radio
XG11MV_English.pdf radio
Xbus Copmponent Guide radio