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R1221X 12-Channel DSMX Receiver

Part Number: JRPR1221X






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JR - JRPR1221X - R1221X 12-Channel DSMX Receiver

Employing Spektrum's patented MultiLink™ DSMX™ technology, the R1221 uses one internal and three external receivers for path diversity—assuring your receiver always "sees" a strong signal and is unaffected by multi-path issues.  What's more, DSMX air receivers employ DuaLink® two-frequency technology, ensuring your aircraft always operates with an ultra-secure, robust RF link.

Dual battery ports are provided with the R1221 for power redundancy.  The receiver will handle well over 35 amps of continous current, the limiting factor being the connectors.  In the unlikely event your voltage should ever drop below 3.5 volts, control is established the instant voltage returns due to the QuickConnect instant voltage recovery system.

This product is not intended for use by children under 14 years of age without direct adult supervision.


JR - JRPR1221X - R1221X 12-Channel DSMX Receiver

  • 12-channel DSMX™ receiver
  • 1 internal receiver
  • 3 remote receivers included
  • Includes 9", 12" and 24" length remote receiver extensions
  • Patented MultLink™ technology
  • DuaLink® technology
  • Two types of fail-safe—SmartSafe™ and preprogrammed fail-safe
  • Dual battery port
  • Flight log compatible


JR - JRPR1221X - R1221X 12-Channel DSMX Receiver

  • Type: 12-channel DSMX receiver
  • # of Channels: 12
  • Modulation: DSM2/DSMX
  • Band: 2.4GHz; Resolution: 2048
  • Length: 2.10 in (53mm)
  • Width: 1.48 in (38mm)
  • Height: 0.63 in (16mm)
  • Weight: 0.7 oz (20 g)
  • Voltage Range: 3.5 - 10V

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