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XG11MV 11CH System w/DMSS Module Only - Transmitter only-no receiver

Part Number: JRP07426







JR - JRP07426 - XG11MV 11CH System w/DMSS Module Only

Based on the popular XG11 transmitter, the JR XG11MV is uniquely different from other JR transmitters in that it offers modelers the additional flexibility of a removable RF module. This feature allows the XG11MV to not only be compatible with JR's proprietary DMSS protocol, but with the existing 72MHz, and even other 2.4GHz modulation. Simply remove the included DMSS module and replace it with your favorite JR-compatible module (sold separately) for unmatched flexibility to become your workhorse system, or simply give you the option to fly JR quality with other non-JR brand equipment.

Among the list of features that the XG11MV has are XBus, a powerful balance function with five adjustable points for supreme accuracy when matching control surfaces, six fully programmable stick position switches, an expanded dual rate/expo menu that allows control of up to nine separate rates for each main flight control channel, trim input function which allocates trim levers to change numerical mixing values in flight and JR's revolutionary Touch Select function which enables automatic switch selection for your desired function by simply moving the switch you wish to assign to the function to.

Furthermore, with the included TG2.4XP module, you are able to enjoy all of the benefits that DMSS offers, including telemetry, and JR's patented Intelligent Output System (IOS) which automatically selects control signals that need to be transmitted at exactly the same time and delivers the data as on complete signal frame.


For 72Mhz operation, requires

JRPTXMS Synthesized 72Mhz Module and JRPA151 Antenna


JR - JRP07426 - XG11MV 11CH System w/DMSS Module Only

  • Only removable module-based transmitter currently in production
  • TG2.4XP module included
  • Large, high-resolution, backlit screen
  • 30-model internal memory
  • Supports 2.4GHz and existing 72MHz modulation
  • Airplane, helicopter and glider programming
  • SD card slot for data sharing, storage and update (SD card required)
  • Stick mode 1-4 adaptable
  • Data entry via scroll bar and four push keys
  • Enhanced dual rate/expo menus
  • 5-point mixing curves
  • 3-axis gyro remote sensitive adjustment
  • Balance function for multiple servo setups
  • Dual side slide-lever controls
  • Touch Select System for switch selection
  • Three independent programmable timers
  • Six programmable stick position switches
  • Sold as Mode 2

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