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Ninja 400MR Camera Mount Set

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JR - JRP962065 - Ninja 400MR Camera Mount Set

GoPros and quadcopters are all the rage these days, and a quick YouTube search will yield thousands of returns for videos taken from a quad. Unfortunately, most of these videos lack for excitement since most all current quad platforms are limited to upright, hover flight only. That is until now! Add some excitement to your next video with a camera mount equipped Ninja 400 today!

With extreme aerobatic capability, the Ninja is a perfect camera platform to capture thrilling high-speed aerobatics, giving a unique perspective to quad flight. No more less-than-thrilling hover videos of a soccer game or a tour of suburbia...not when you can create a unique piece of performance art thats sure to go viral. Blistering high-speed passes? Check. Loops? Check. Flips? Check.

The Ninja is no one-trick pony. Machined from solid bar stock aluminum, the camera mount is pure JR quality that youve come to expect, installs in mere minutes, and includes all hardware necessary to attach to your Ninja. Installation is simple — requiring only a small hole to be drilled in the frame as well as a hole bored through the top of the canopy to clear the pylon. Cameras with 1/4-20 mounting bolts can be used with the camera mount set, meaning that the ubiquitous GoPro or Sony Action Cam can be easily used. In less than the amount of time it takes to charge a battery, you can be on your way to capturing your amazing 3D flights for all your friends to see.

Become a YouTube sensation with a camera mount equipped JR Ninja 400MR today!


  • Only the cameras with fixing screw hole 1/4-20UNC are able to mount. 
  • Recommend camera weight including all the equipment is less than 150gm approx. 
  • If exceed, it'll lead to lower NINJA's flight performance. 
  • Drilling a hole on the frame as well as the body is required to install this mount set. 
  • We take no responsibility in case if any damage or loss on the cameras happened by use of this product.


JR - JRP962065 - Ninja 400MR Camera Mount Set

  • Camera mount 
  • Camera mount post 
  • Dedicated button head bolt 
  • Dedicated hex wrench 
  • Other mounting screws 

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