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Forza 700 Assembly Kit, Yellow/Black

Forza 700 Assembly Kit, Yellow/Black

Part Number: JRP988373







JR - JRP988373 - Forza 700 Assembly Kit, Yellow/Black

JR flagship 700 size 3D machine - Yellow/Black version - 


  • Low profile frame design. - Positions the center of gravity close to the rotor head, increasing cyclic response.
    Modular frame design. - The upper frame holds the drive train, and the lower frame protects the batteries in the event of a crash. 
    Helical main and tail gears reduce gear noise and improve smoothness.
  • All components are positioned around the main shaft, and the servos have short, direct linkages to the swash plate. The rotor head spindle is 10mm, and the main shaft 12mm.
  • The battery is easily removed on a one-touch slide tray which mounts on aluminum rails. There is space for most battery configurations, and the batteries can be positioned for a perfect center of gravity.
  • The rear body faring supports the tail boom and ensures no boom flex. Because of the shaft drive tail, the rear body faring is easily removed.
  • You can choose to fly with rear body faring, or in a standard pod and boom configuration. 
    (Note : Boom brace sets to fly in a pod and boom configuration are not included in the assembly kit. Please purchase separately)
  • The tail output shaft is 6mm diameter and the pitch control lever is simple and durable. The tail case has removable side plates for easy maintenance.


Additional items required

  • Main rotor blades (XB710-FBL)
  • Transmitter (120 CCPM capable)
    * If you are using the JR TAGS mini, you will require the optional XBus adapter.
  • Lithium-polymer battery (Li-Po) 6 cell 22.2V 4,500mAh - (× 2)
  • Battery charger kit
    * Please select a charger compatible with your chosen batteries.
  • Brushless motor & ESC (120A or more)
  • Battery connector set

Tools required for assembly

  • Hexagon driver 1.5mm (No.61401)
  • Hexagon driver 2mm (No.61402)
  • Hexagon driver 2.5mm (No.61403)
  • Hexagon driver 3mm (No.61404)
  • Hexagon driver 4mm (No.61598)
  • Sandpaper #300 - #400
  • CA Glue
  • Tape rule
  • JR digital pitch gauge (No.61796)
  • Thrust bearing grease (No.61597)
  • Oil touch pen (No.61296)
  • Other general tools required for making a model

Useful tools

  • JR Universal Link Driver (No.61360)
  • JR Universal Link Trimmer (No.60219)
  • JR Universal Link Plier C (No.60242)
  • Blade Balancer


JR - JRP988373 - Forza 700 Assembly Kit, Yellow/Black

  • Overall length 1332mm
  • Overall height 356mm
  • Overall width 210mm
  • Main rotor diameter 1599mm
  • Tail rotor diameter 288mm
  • Gross weight 3500g or more (not including battery)
  • Gear ratio 10.18 : 1 : 4.72
  • Main shaft Diameter 12mm
  • Tail output shaft Diameter 6mm
  • Control system 120°CCPM
  • Tail shaft drive system

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