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NXB8921+ Brushless High Torque XBus Servo

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JR - JRPSNXB8921+ - NXB8921+ Brushless High Torque XBus Servo

The updated version of the NXB8921, the new NXB8921+ is idential to the previous NXB8921, but features a thicker B gear for increased strength. All other peramiters of the NXB8921+ are identical to the standard NXB8921.

Ask any competition IMAC flyer or serious giant scale 3D enthusiast what their servo of choice is, and youll undoubtedly hear ¢â‚Å“JR of course¢â‚. This isnt by accident- JR servos like the legendary 8411, 8711, 8911, and recently introduced NX Series ¢â‚Å“Smart Servos have provided the perfect blend of brute strength and precision, with unmatched reliability for decades.

In keeping with this tradition, JR has just released their next servos that are destined to be the next legendary number in giant scale performance servos, the new NXB8921 and NXB8925 Brushless Smart Servos.

Both the new NXB8921 and NXB8925 feature highly efficient and powerful brushless motors, and updated firmware for optimized performance and efficiency, as well as a new robust all CNC Machined aluminum cases, and of course all metal gear trains for the ultimate in durability.‚ 

Add to all this a plethora of programmability to customize and fine tune each individual servo to its specific location on the model via JRs innovative XBus DMSS Serial Bus system, and well, the new NXB8921 and NXB8925 might just be JRs smartest ¢â‚Å“Smart Servos¢â‚ of all..

Not using XBus- fear not. The new NXB8921 and NXB8925 also features JRs unique automatic output detection, so it can be used in standard configuration with either conventional (PWM) or XBus installations for ease and flexibility with virtually any brand of equipment.

If youre looking to take the performance of your model to unprecedented heights, take a look at the new NXB8921 and NXB8925 servos from JR and feel the difference these new JR NX Smart Servos can provide.


JR - JRPSNXB8921+ - NXB8921+ Brushless High Torque XBus Servo

  • Torque: 363 (4.8V)/456 (6.0V)/562 (7.4V)
  • Speed: 0.19 (4.8V)/0.14 (6.0V)/0.13 (7.4V)
  • Dimensions (L/W/H): 1.55x0.82x1.59 in
  • Weight: 2.96 oz
  • Input Voltage: 4.8-8.5v
  • MPU: 32 Bit
  • Shaft Support: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Comparable to DS8911HV and NX8921


JR - JRPSNXB8921+ - NXB8921+ Brushless High Torque XBus Servo

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