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GR-18 9CH Airplane Helicopter Multirotor Gyro Telemetry Receiver

Part Number: GRP33579





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Graupner - GRP33579 - GR-18 9CH Airplane Helicopter Multirotor Gyro Telemetry Receiver

The Graupner Multi-Light module has been specially developed for RC modelling applications, and provides a means of fitting out various types of models with a wide variety of lighting signals, such as navigation lights, flashers, panoramic lamps and searchlights, as realistically as possible.

All imaginable lighting functions have been pre-programmed for ease and immediate use.

The wide selection of light functions are selected by moving the corresponding DIP switches and connecting the lamps to the appropriate terminals.

The Graupner Multi-Light module provides programmed light signals that have been thoroughly researched on the different lighting signals for vehicles, boats and aircraft, and the signals are programmed in a logical arrangement in the module.

  • Multiple modes of operation. Boats, Airplane and Ground Vehicle
  • Operating power between 4.8 and 14 Volts
  • Bias current: approx. 25 mA
  • Light switching outputs: 16
  • Steady current per output: 0.8 A, short-term max.: 1.2 A
  • Max. total current of all outputs: 6 A
  • Proportional inputs: 3
  • Servo outputs: 2
  • Weight 35 grams
  • Size in mm 66 x 59 x 17
  • Graupner Multi Mode Light Switch Module

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