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XBus XPort Duo Redundant PWM Converter

Part Number: JRPX03689







JR - JRPX03689 - XBus XPort Duo Redundant PWM Converter

The ultimate in flexibility for giant scale aircraft setup!

Looking for the ultimate in setup flexibility for your giant-scale airplane? Look no further than JRs new XPort Duo.

The XPort Duo integrates everything one could need to setup a giant-scale or complex model – 14 programmable PWM outputs, dual receiver inputs, dual battery inputs, and dual XBus outputs with HD power.

The key feature of the XPort Duo is the ability to operate 14 channels, while retaining a conventional installation in your aircraft. Each port is assignable with a main and sub-ID, allowing for servos to be plugged into the unit in the manner most convenient for you.

Have a complex wing panel that you would like to simplify? The XBus output allows for placement of additional hubs and PWM converters in other areas of the airplane, while still retaining full utilization of the 14 output channels on the main unit.

Whats more, the XPort Duo operates with dual receiver inputs for the most reliable RF and dual battery inputs for the most revolutionary radio component ever seen in R/C.

The XPort Duo is NOT recommended by JR for use with non-JR brand equipment and accessories.


JR - JRPX03689 - XBus XPort Duo Redundant PWM Converter

  • Dual receiver inputs for the ultimate in RF connection reliability
  • Dual HD battery inputs with Deans Ultra connectors can comfortably supply current for even the most demanding applications and setups
  • 14 assignable PWM ports on the face of the unit allow for a more compact and traditional setup
  • Fully expandable with other XBus components. Two XPort Duos can be linked together yielding 28 channels to support the forthcoming 28X transmitter
  • Dual XBus signal outputs as well as HD power output allow the XPort Duo to be used in conjunction with other hubs and PWM conversion harnesses for maximum performance, and greater simplicity
  • Strong mounting tabs with rubber grommets allow for secure mounting in your model with total vibration isolation

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