JR Americas

Radio Accessories

Servo Extension 24-inch Heavy-Duty, Gold

Part Number: JRPA102

Retail: $18.99

MAP: $14.49

TX Li-ion Battery 3200mAh: XG14E, 28X

Part Number: JRPB04158

Retail: $139.99

MAP: $119.99

TLS1-VRO Variometer/Altimeter

Part Number: JRP03447

Retail: $79.99

MAP: $69.99

XBus XB2-CHB Heavy Duty Dual Redundant X Bus Center Hub

Part Number: JRPX03687

Retail: $199.99

MAP: $169.99

Servo Extension 6-inch Standard, Gold

Part Number: JRPA094

Retail: $8.99

MAP: $5.99

XBus XB1-CHB Heavy Duty Center Hub

Part Number: JRPX03675

Retail: $139.99

MAP: $119.99

Servo Extension 9-inch Standard, Gold

Part Number: JRPA096

Retail: $8.99

MAP: $6.99

TLS1-SPD DMSS Pitot Airspeed Telemetry Sensor

Part Number: JRPA03449

Retail: $69.99

MAP: $59.99

XBus RX Converter for TAGS Mini

Part Number: JRPX03448

Retail: $17.99

MAP: $5.99

Servo Extension 12-inch Standard, Gold

Part Number: JRPA100

Retail: $9.99

XBus HD Power Cable with Deans Ultra, 18"

Part Number: JRPX03684

Retail: $19.99

MAP: $16.99

Servo Extension 3-inch Standard, Gold

Part Number: JRPA092

Retail: $11.99

MAP: $9.99

XBus HD Power Cable with Deans Ultra, 36"

Part Number: JRPX03685

Retail: $29.99

MAP: $23.99

XBus XB1-CPG ID Programmer

Part Number: JRPX03674

Retail: $49.99

MAP: $9.99

Servo Extension 18-inch Standard, Gold

Part Number: JRPA101

Retail: $8.99

MAP: $8.99

QRS Servo Lead, 200mm (8")

Part Number: JRPA04650

Retail: $11.99

MAP: $4.99

Heavy Duty Servo Wire Only,4'

Part Number: JRPA125

Retail: $5.95

Charger Lead, Receiver Battery

Part Number: JRPA122

Retail: $7.99

MAP: $4.00

Servo Lead Heavy Duty, Gold

Part Number: JRPA124

Retail: $5.99

MAP: $3.99

Switch Harness, BEC Connectors

Part Number: JRPA011

Retail: $7.99

MAP: $4.99

Switch Harness, 2 Channel

Part Number: JRPA010

Retail: $7.99

X Bus Link Cable, 12"

Part Number: JRPX03695

Retail: $11.99

MAP: $9.99

Deluxe Charge Jack Assembly

Part Number: JRPA025

Retail: $18.95

MAP: $12.99

E-Switch Adapter

Part Number: JRPA04513

Retail: $6.99

MAP: $5.49

Temp Sensor TLS1-TMP DMSS, -10C~90C

Part Number: JRP03430

Retail: $49.99

MAP: $29.99

QRS Servo Lead, 450mm (18)

Part Number: JRPA04652

Retail: $11.99

MAP: $5.99

Power Sys Sensor TLS1-PWR DMSS, V, A, W, mWh

Part Number: JRP03438

Retail: $149.99

MAP: $89.99

Rotation/RPM sensor (Pulse Sensing Rotation Sensor)

Part Number: JRP03445

Retail: $65.99

MAP: $39.99