JR Americas

Radio Accessories

14S LiPo Deep Discharge Protection

Part Number: GRP6496

Retail: $34.70

MAP: $28.90

150mm RX Antenna

Part Number: GRP33500.1

Retail: $5.90

MAP: $4.90

2 Channel Servo Mixer

Part Number: GRPR8063

Retail: $8.30

MAP: $6.90

300mm RX Antenna

Part Number: GRP33500.2

Retail: $7.10

MAP: $5.90

450mm RX Antenna

Part Number: GRP33500.3

Retail: $7.10

MAP: $5.90

85mm RX Antenna

Part Number: GRP33500

Retail: $5.90

MAP: $4.90

Angle Adjuster XG6, XG8. XG11, XG14

Part Number: JRPA06166

Retail: $5.99

MAP: $4.99

Battery Guard II

Part Number: GRPS8269

Retail: $26.30

MAP: $21.90

Charger XG8, XG11, XG14 A912C US/ Japan (BULK)

Part Number: JRPC04008B

MAP: $9.99

G-Tune Adapter Cable, TAGS01 Gyro Sys, gtunes

Part Number: JRPA320

Retail: $49.99

Sale Price: $39.99

High-Voltage Switching Module SXH

Part Number: GRP3970

Retail: $31.10

MAP: $25.90

JR DMSS Decal Sheet: Metallic Black

Part Number: JRPP08615

Retail: $7.99

MAP: $7.99

JR DMSS Decal Sheet: Pearl White

Part Number: JRPP08616

Retail: $7.99

MAP: $4.99

JR DMSS Decal Sheet: Turquoise Metallic

Part Number: JRPP08617

Retail: $7.99

MAP: $4.00

Large "O" Ring

Part Number: JRPA628

Retail: $1.99

MAP: $1.00

LiPo Balancer and Battery Tester 2S - 6S

Part Number: GRP7598

Retail: $26.30

MAP: $21.90

Multi-Function Switching Module SXM

Part Number: GRP3971

Retail: $33.50

MAP: $27.90

mz-18/mz-24 Programming and User Manual

Part Number: GRPDZS1006EN

Retail: $19.10

MAP: $15.90

PC Interface and Update Cable for mz-12

Part Number: GRP6466.S

Retail: $9.50

MAP: $7.90

PRX-3A Receiver Power Supply

Part Number: GRP4135

Retail: $47.90

MAP: $39.90

PRX-4A - 4A HV Switching BEC

Part Number: GRP4126

Retail: $17.90

MAP: $14.90

Serial Bus Adapter


Retail: $19.99

MAP: $9.99

Transmitter Antenna: 4-10 Channel Systems

Part Number: JRPA151

Retail: $8.99

MAP: $4.99

Transmitter Antenna: XR2(i), XR3(i), XS3, Alpina

Part Number: JRPA161

Retail: $10.95

MAP: $3.99

Transmitter Case mz-12/mz-18/mz-24/mx-16/mx-20

Part Number: GRPS8360

Retail: $83.90

MAP: $69.90

Transmitter Neck Strap for mz and mx series

Part Number: GRPS8341

Retail: $11.90

MAP: $9.90

Transmitter Pack 2600mAh 9.6V NiMH, White Connector: 9303, 9503, 11x, all

Part Number: JRPB5011

Retail: $69.99

MAP: $59.99

USB 1S Li-Po Charger for Transmitters

Part Number: GRPS2016

Retail: $27.50

MAP: $22.90