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TLS1-SPD DMSS Pitot Airspeed Telemetry Sensor

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JR - JRPA03449 - TLS1-SPD DMSS Pitot Airspeed Telemetry Sensor

The simplest, lightest, most accurate airspeed sensor on the market!

The latest in JRs already comprehensive lineup of DMSS telemetry sensors is the new TLS1-SPD

airspeed sensor. Based on the principles of the pitot static systems employed in full-scale aircraft, the

TLS1-SPD measures incoming (ram) air pressure against static air to determine airspeed. Instead of

overly complicated plumbing with separate static port(s) like the full-scale version, the static ports

are integrated into the pitot tube itself for simple plug-and-play installation.

Installation is simple- align the pitot tube with the relative wind either in your models nose or the

leading edge of your models wing. Attach the included clear silicon tubing to the rear of the pitot

tube and attach to the sensor, which mounts internally in your aircraft. The sensor simply plugs in to

your telemetry hub, and youre ready to go; no calibration necessary.

With an effective measurement range of 18-375mph with 1mph increments, the TLS1-SPD can be

used effectively in anything from parkflyers to turbine jets. The readout can be calibrated in either

MPH, KPH, or knots; depending on your preference. Also, overspeed and underspeed alarms can be

configured in the telemetry menu, and can be switched on or off in any given flight mode to prevent

nuisance alarms when the model is on the ground.

Having this information at your fingertips is more than just a novelty, its also very useful and can

help prevent unnecessary crashes. Protect your pride and joy and be 100% sure what your model is

doing by integrating an airspeed telemetry sensor in your next build.

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